Introducing Aiko! The ultimate AI tool that will transform the way you transcribe audio. Whether it’s meetings, lectures, or any other speech, Aiko’s got you covered.

With Aiko, you don’t need to rely on an internet connection to transcribe your audio. It works directly on your device, providing you with high-quality transcription that is unparalleled. Thanks to OpenAI’s Whisper model, Aiko ensures accuracy and clarity, capturing every word with precision.

Privacy is a top priority with Aiko. Since it transcribes audio locally on your device, there’s no need to worry about your sensitive recordings ending up in unknown hands. Aiko provides the ultimate peace of mind, giving you complete control over your data.

Technical details matter, and Aiko nails it. Using the Whisper large v2 model on macOS and the medium or small model on iOS, Aiko optimizes its performance based on your device’s memory. This means you get the best transcription experience without compromising on quality.

But what sets Aiko apart from other transcription tools? It’s simple – accuracy and versatility. Aiko outshines built-in transcription options, providing you with much better accuracy and expanding language support. No matter what language you need to transcribe, Aiko has got you covered.

Aiko doesn’t stop at transcribing audio files; it can handle video files too. This means you can easily transcribe audio tracks from your favorite videos without any hassle. And the best part? Aiko allows you to export your transcriptions in multiple formats, like JSON, CSV, and subtitles. This opens up a world of possibilities, enabling you to seamlessly integrate your transcriptions into various applications.

Say goodbye to tedious manual transcription and hello to Aiko, your AI transcription companion. Get ready to experience top-notch accuracy, unmatched privacy, and versatile exporting options. Transcription has never been this easy!