Tired of your website visitors endlessly scrolling and searching for that one specific thing they’re looking for. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a game-changing tool that will revolutionize your website’s user experience – Collie’s embedded search bar.

With Collie’s smart and intuitive search bar, you can effortlessly fetch every asset on your site and create a seamless search experience for your visitors in mere seconds. Gone are the days of aimlessly clicking through page after page, because Collie’s got your back.

So, let’s dive into the awesome features that Collie brings to the table. First up, we’ve got the one-click embedded knowledge hubs. With just one click, you can transform your website into an information hub that delivers accurate and relevant results every time. It’s like having a personal search assistant, but without the salary.

But that’s not all – Collie is also a pro at fetching public data. From PDFs and images to videos, audio, HTML, and text, Collie’s got you covered. No more scrambling to find that important document or image buried deep within your website. With Collie, everything becomes easily accessible, bringing you peace of mind and saving you precious time.

Now, let’s talk about the secret sauce behind Collie – the powerful Mixpeek API. It’s what fuels Collie’s lightning-fast search capabilities, ensuring you get results in the blink of an eye. Say goodbye to slow-loading search bars and hello to instant gratification.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – pricing. Drumroll, please. Collie offers you a completely free plan for up to 1000 pages or files. That’s right, no hidden costs or strings attached. Collie believes in empowering businesses and individuals alike, so they’ve made sure you can enjoy the benefits without breaking the bank. But wait, there’s more. For those of you who need to search private content, Collie offers a beta program, so you can sign up and unlock even more search possibilities.

So, let’s wrap things up with some incredible use cases for Collie. Enhancing your website’s user experience. Check. Quick and efficient search for website content and files. Double check. Indexing content for easy access. You bet. Collie is the one-stop solution for all your website’s search needs.

In a world where every second counts and user experience is the king, Collie’s embedded search bar is a game-changer.