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One of the standout features of Cradl AI is its fully customizable functionality. You have the power to configure your parser to extract any field you need from your documents. No more limitations or frustrations – Cradl AI gives you complete control.

Not only does Cradl AI support any document layout, but it also conquers any language barrier. Train a single model that can seamlessly handle documents in multiple languages. It’s like having a multilingual expert at your fingertips!

Training your model with Cradl AI is a breeze. Unlike other tools, there’s no need to manually create bounding boxes. Simply use the data you already have and let Cradl AI do the rest. It’s efficient, effective, and saves you valuable time.

Speaking of time, Cradl AI boasts lightning-fast processing. With deployment options that offer processing times as quick as 1-8 seconds, you can expect rapid results without sacrificing accuracy. Time-consuming document parsing is now a thing of the past!

Don’t worry if you’re not an AI expert – Cradl AI is designed with accessibility in mind. Its intuitive interface allows even developers without ML/AI experience to effortlessly build powerful AI models. It’s never been easier to leverage AI technology in your applications.

And for all the developers out there, Cradl AI has got you covered. Seamlessly integrate your custom model into any software using their API and SDKs. It’s a perfect match made in developer heaven!

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