Looking to hire developers who are not only technically skilled but also a great fit for your company culture? Look no further than GreatFit, the AI-powered tool that helps hiring managers and founders streamline the screening process and identify the best candidates.

With GreatFit, you can leverage the power of AI to assess candidates’ soft skills and culture fit through an AI chatbot assessment. No more relying solely on resumes or interviews to gauge a candidate’s compatibility with your team. GreatFit’s AI chatbots provide a comprehensive evaluation of candidates’ soft skills, including collaboration, mentorship, and feedback-giving.

But that’s not all – GreatFit also allows you to evaluate candidates’ written communication skills at scale. Written communication is crucial for effective collaboration, and with GreatFit, you can efficiently assess candidates’ written skills to ensure they can communicate clearly with your team.

Culture-fit identification is another key feature of GreatFit. By uncovering culture-fit signals, GreatFit helps you identify candidates who align well with your company values and work environment. No more wasting time on candidates who may be technically skilled but don’t mesh well with your team.

Setting up GreatFit is quick and easy, taking just a few minutes. You can choose from multiple pricing plans, including a free plan and a Pro plan, to suit your hiring needs and budget.

By streamlining the screening process and gaining insights into candidates’ soft skills and culture fit, GreatFit helps you make informed hiring decisions. You can efficiently evaluate a large number of candidates, saving time and effort, and ultimately identify top talent based not just on technical skills but also on their fit with your company culture.

So, if you’re tired of the traditional hiring methods and want to find developers who are a perfect fit for your team, let GreatFit be your AI-powered partner. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, GreatFit helps you identify candidates with the right soft skills and culture fit, making the hiring process so much easier.