Are you tired of wasting precious time manually searching for information. Look no further – is here to revolutionize the way you interact with language models. This powerful tool allows you to initiate Language Model (LLM) queries in any program with just a simple shortcut key, making it seamless and efficient.

One of the standout features of is its seamless integration. You can now initiate LLM queries in any program using selected text, saving you from the hassle of switching between applications. Imagine the time you’ll save by having instant access to relevant information when and where you need it most.

But that’s not all – also boasts a searchable query history. No need to scratch your head trying to recall that important query you made last week. With, your queries are conveniently saved in a searchable history, allowing you to easily refer back to them whenever necessary.

Another game-changing feature is the ability to incorporate private data sources. can utilize a variety of file formats, including PDFs, DOCX, and TXT files, to provide you with personalized and comprehensive answers. This means you no longer have to rely solely on public information – with, you can tap into your own private data sources for even more meaningful insights.

And here’s an added bonus – with taking care of information retrieval and composition, you can now focus on higher order thinking tasks. Say goodbye to menial tasks and hello to increased productivity and higher quality work.

But what about privacy, you ask. has got you covered. The tool prioritizes user privacy by strictly adhering to data usage and retention policies. Your inputs are not stored or used for training purposes, and OpenAI’s data retention period is limited to just 30 days. Plus, employs stricter OpenAI API policies, requiring an API key for access, ensuring your privacy is safeguarded every step of the way.

We’re not done yet – is constantly evolving to better serve you. The creators are actively working on adding local offline models, taking user privacy to a whole new level.

Let’s talk about use cases. Researchers can now quickly query and analyze large volumes of text data, improving efficiency and unlocking comprehensive insights. Content creators can rely on to generate ideas, refine their writing, and take their content to the next level, captivating their audience like never before. And students and educators.