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Traditional multi-variant testing platforms and AI ad performance tools only scratch the surface, but QuantPlus goes above and beyond to offer insights that are truly relevant and impactful.

With element-level analysis, QuantPlus delves deep into your ad creatives, providing insights into the performance of each element. No more wasting time and money on elements that don’t resonate with your target audience.

But that’s not all. QuantPlus leverages historical campaign data to generate in-depth insights, giving you a clear understanding of what has worked in the past and how you can optimize your future ads.

And it’s not just generic insights. QuantPlus offers industry and country specific insights, so you can tailor your ad creatives to specific markets and make informed design decisions that will drive results.

Say goodbye to endless trial and error. With QuantPlus, you get actionable insights and detailed reports that will help you optimize your ad creatives and improve performance.

Who can benefit from QuantPlus? Marketers and advertisers who want to optimize their ad creatives based on data-driven insights. Creative teams that are in search of actionable recommendations to improve ad performance. Agencies and brands that want to understand the factors behind successful ad campaigns in different industries and countries. And businesses operating globally that are looking for insights into localized ad creative performance.

QuantPlus is the powerful tool you need to turn performance data into valuable insights for creating effective ads. So why wait? Start creating ads that truly work with QuantPlus.