Get ready to revolutionize your data analysis with Kanarie’s RATH, the AI-enhanced data exploration tool that is here to make your life easier. With its cutting-edge features and impressive benefits, RATH will be your go-to companion for uncovering patterns, gaining insights, and creating visualizations from your multi-dimensional data.

Let’s dive right into the key features that set RATH apart from the rest. First up, we have the Augmented Analytic Engine. With just one click, you can explore and visualize your datasets, saving you precious time and effort. No more complex processes or endless trial and error – RATH does the heavy lifting for you.

But that’s not all. RATH takes data exploration to a whole new level with its CoPilot for Data Exploration. This nifty feature learns your intentions as you navigate through your data and generates relevant recommendations. It’s like having a trusted partner by your side, guiding you towards the most valuable insights.

We know that spotting complex visual patterns and potential causals can be a daunting task. That’s why RATH introduces the Data Painter. This intelligent tool identifies those intricate patterns and causals that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. It’s like having a superpower dedicated to unearthing the hidden gems in your data.

Data cleaning and transformation are often the bane of every data analyst’s existence. Fortunately, RATH understands your pain and comes equipped with Data Preparation capabilities. Say goodbye to tedious manual cleaning and transformation tasks – RATH will assist you every step of the way, ensuring your data is in tip-top shape for analysis.

Ready to take your visual analytics to new heights. RATH has got you covered with its Graphic Walker feature. This allows you to seamlessly embed visual analytics into your web and mobile applications. Imagine the possibilities – you can now share stunning visualizations with ease.

Who can benefit from RATH, you ask. Well, the answer is pretty much anyone who deals with data. Data analysts will find RATH to be a game-changer, simplifying their data wrangling, exploration, and visualization. Decision-makers will appreciate the speed and accuracy with which they can analyze data, leading to well-informed decisions. And for developers, RATH opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing them to bring visual analytics to life in their applications.